Day Two Resources
Celebrate Our Present
September 19, 2020

Dialogic Teaching Harnesses the Power of Talk
Beth Anne, VTNE Review Group


Veterinarians or Veterinary Technicians...
Who Makes the Better Program Director?

Dr. Jim Hurrell, Penn Foster
Jennifer Serling, Pima Medical Institute


What Say You? CVTEA Open Q&A and Listening Session
Julie Horvath, CVTEA
Dr. Kelly Black, CVTEA


The Impact Stress Plays on Canine
Physiological Parameters and Student Learning
Dr. Amy Staton, Morehead State University


Understanding Quality Course Review Standards
to Guide Online Veterinary Technician Course Development
Dr. Laurie Wallace, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

Course Outline Template
Course Schedule Template
Syllabus Template

Vision to Action: Integrating a Healthy Life and Career
Rebecca Rose, CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches, LLC

Creating V-V-M Worksheet