AVTE's Resource Exchange
Tools and Materials compiled by AVTE educators for you and your students.  

Welcome to the AVTE Resource Exchange, a vibrant hub that fosters collaboration and support within our community. Here, members engage in a spirit of camaraderie, embodying the ethos of friends lending a helping hand to friends. Over time, this hub will become a treasure trove where tools and resources are generously shared, inviting you to freely explore, download, and adapt them to your needs.

Embracing the collective wisdom of educators who have utilized these materials in their classrooms, we recognize that while these ideas may not seamlessly translate, they are grounded in real-world experiences, offering valuable insights and inspiration. Join us in this collaborative journey, where innovation and camaraderie thrive hand in hand.

Now seeking tools in areas that include:

  • Clinical Pathway Interactive Assignments
  • IACUC Protocols
  • Pharmacology Interactive Assignments
  • Rabies Mitigation Plans

Share your favorite tools quickly through a simple webform: https://www.avte.net/Submitmaterials

AVTE plans to post resources quickly upon receipt; check back often or sign up to get an email when the first tools go live.


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