Wellness in Veterinary Medicine Articles

Veterinary Team Brief (now part of Clinician’s Brief) did a series of short articles in 2017 about well-being in Veterinary Medicine.  We ask students to read the articles and post to a discussion board about a topic that resonates with them.  Students must also comment on peer posts, which helps students appreciate their shared experiences and concerns.  Articles can be read all at once or assigned individually, and most articles have great Take Action suggestions at the end.  I like that the topics are universal but center on veterinary medicine. 

The articles are no longer available online, but I confirmed that sharing the articles is fine when the journal and author citations are available.  I’ve included a list of the articles here, and PDF versions of the original articles are available in the accompanying folder.

Let's Spark a Wellness Revolution 
What Is Wellbeing, Why Is It Important, & What Can We Do to Promote It 
Quieting Your Brain: Handling Stress with Ease 
Be Strong & Courageous & Ask for Help 
Build Resilience & Improve Wellbeing 
A Mindful Life: A Prescription for Wellness 
Working with Your Animal Instincts 
Why Perfectionism is Not Perfect 
Practicing Gratitude in Everyday Life 

Stacey Benton DVM
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Veterinary Technology Program