2023 Annual Conference

Friday | Saturday | Sunday

*The exhibit hall will be open from 7:00 AM - 4:15 PM

 Saturday, August 5
8:00 AM Breakfast | Visit Exhibitors 
9:00 AM Welcome
9:15 AM Business Meeting | Awards | Fireside Chat
10:30 AM  Transition | Break | Visit Exhibitors
10:45 AM - Breakout Sessions
  From Zero to Pharm: Curriculum Development on the Fly!
Joye Sears, RVT/Technical Instructor
Dalhousie University
  Parasitology Rocks! How to Create a Parasitology Escape Room for Fun and Engagement
Stacey Benton, DVM, PhD
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash Veterinary Technology Program
  SimulthesiaVet - Anesthetic Simulator Learning at Your Fingertips
Amy Birchall
Dalhousie University
11:45 AM Lunch | SCNAVTA Awards
1:15 PM - Breakout Sessions
  Navigating a NERD book- Novel Educational Resource Document for your students
Meri Kosman (DuRand), CVT, LATG
Dakota County Technical College
  Making Microbiology: How we made a fun and interactive Microbiology Class
Sarah L. Mackie, BCVT, BA, AAS
Pima Community College Veterinary Technician Program, Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center
Jennifer Yoon, CVT | Pima Community College Veterinary Technician Program

  I'll Never Forget That!" - Making an Impact with Immersive Simulation
Robert D. Keegan, DVM | University of Arizona
Lethea Russell, LVT | Washington State University
Nicole Valdez, LVT, VTS (Anest/Analg) | Washington State University

* Please note this is a 3 hour simulation session
2:15 PM Transition | Break | Visit Exhibitors
2:30 PM - Breakout Sessions
  Retrieval Practice Teaching for VTNE Success: Helping Students Prep for a Test About "Everything"
Steven I. McLaughlin
Zuku Review
  Confident blood smears: Tips and techniques for every veterinary professional
Elizabeth Stark
Heartland Vet Partners
3:30 PM  Transition | Break | Visit Exhibitors 
3:45 PM - Breakout Sessions
  Teaching Adults: What is Andragogy and Why Should I Care?
Kate Burdick, M Ed, CVT
Alliance Animal Health
  CVTEA Accreditation Round Table for Distance and Distributive Model Education Programs
Julie Horvath, Coach | American Veterinary Medical Association CVTEA
Rachel Valentine, RVT, BS | American Veterinary Medical Association CVTEA
Elizabeth Thompson, DVM, EdD | American Veterinary Medical Association CVTEA

4:15 PM - Round Table Sessions
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6:00 PM Dine Around

*Agenda Subject to Change: Updated May 9 at 5:00PM 

Please note:
*All times listed in PST.

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