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    I am trying to get a list of how much states are charging for initial credentialing fees and renewal fees.

    Hawaii is in the process of implementing a bill that will (finally) recognize credentialed techs as RVTs. As of now, the Dept of Commerce and Consumer Affairs wants to set the fees the same as the veterinarians. I’m doing my best to fight that for a lower rate.

    The veterinary fees are:
    $460 If your license is issued between July 1 of even-numbered years and June 30 of odd-numbered years.
    $280 If your license is issued between July 1 of odd-numbered years and June 30 of even-numbered years.

    It doesn’t seem right to me to fluctuate by $220 based on when you apply, but that’s up to the DVMs to change. I looked into a few state fees for technicians and they were not this high. I know in NC, where I’m registered, it isn’t.

    If you would list the state you live in and how much the initial and renewal fees are, I’d really appreciate it.


    Allison SAllison S
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    So we’re in Maine. You take the VTNE ($315 right now)
    Then apply to the state ($56)
    Then yearly renewal ($50)
    Everyone expires the same day Sept 30th.
    Also no CE requirements for lvts

    Jennifer SJennifer S
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    Arizona- $150 for state plus VTNE $315.
    Renewal is $100 every two years.

    Amanda HAmanda H
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    in the state of kansas- rvt renewal is $10.oo annually…..i think this should actually be raised somewhat in attempt to show our state VET association our worth/value/ dedication, etc

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