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    I’m looking to see what other programs policies are concerning re-admitting students that only have an internship or two left but have been out of the program for a lengthy amount of time. Do you have a time limit? I have been with my program for 4 years now and Program director for 1 year. I have a previous program student asking about finishing the last two internships (all she has left to complete her degree requirements), however I am reluctant to send a student I know nothing about out into clinics in the area, without assessing her first. I do not have a skills book for her. I assume she needs to complete any added skills since she was last in the program to be current with AVMA requirements. If competitive admission, do you make them re-apply and re-start the program? Any advise is appreciated.

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    Our policy (University wide) is one you have departed (withdrawn, stopped taking classes, etc) for longer than 3 years you must reapply to the University and program. if you are accepted, you must abide by all new requirements because you are on the new program checklist.
    Your problem is unique as where are her skills as they sit – has she been working somewhere and therefor fluent in IVCs, blood draws, restrain – or has she not touched an animal since she left?
    If she has no skills book, time to get creative on her end. Like an online program, she’s going to have to demonstrate her skills either in real life or video – which may be easier to do if she’s at a clinic working right now. She could take the summer to complete this.
    I would have a meeting with her, and staff and lay this all out. One side says that’s all she has left so maybe if she works hard she’ll finish and be successful but the other side says her going on interships is a direct representation of your program, and if she’s a mess, it won’t go well for any involved.
    Our former program coordinator is now a practice owner, so if I have any students who need extra help or guidance, that is usually where they are sent. Do you have any relationships like that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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