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    It’s time to become more involved with your association! This is a call for nominations for the 2017-2019 AVTE Officers.

    The offices up for nomination are President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and three (3) Directors-at-Large. Self-nomination is encouraged!
    Officers of the Association must be voting members in good standing for at least one year immediately prior to being nominated for election.
    Here are the duties of each officer
    Section 5. – Duties of the Officers
    C. President-Elect shall:
    1. Automatically succeed to the office of President at the end of the general
    membership meeting.
    2. Serve as President in the temporary absence of the President.
    3. Serve as Chairperson of the Program Committee.
    4. Be able to sign checks in the event the Secretary-Treasurer is incapacitated.
    5. Serve as Parliamentarian at all meetings utilizing Roberts Rules of Order.
    6. Determine a quorum at all meetings.

    D. Secretary-Treasurer shall:
    1. Record the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership meetings. These minutes must be sent to the Executive Board within 30 days following the meeting.
    2. Maintain an accurate record of the Association’s members and create and distribute a membership directory.
    3. Receive and have charge of all funds of the Association, deposit such funds in a bank designated by the Executive Board and provide for expenditure of funds as directed by the Executive Board. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be the only officer permitted to sign checks for the Association, unless incapacitated in which case the President-Elect may sign checks.
    4. Maintain detailed records of income and expenses of Association accounts through accepted accounting procedures, including federal and state tax records.
    5. Present at the Association regular meeting an annual Secretary- Treasurer’s report which is to include an Association financial statement.
    6. Supply all records of income and expenses of Association accounts to the Audit Committee for review at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of their term of office.
    7. Be bonded at the expense of the Association.
    8. With the help of the Finance Committee, develop a biennial budget and present it to the Executive Board for their approval.

    E. Directors-at-Large shall:
    1. Serve on the Executive Board.
    2. At the appointment of the president, assist any officer in their duties.
    3. Chair and/or serve on Association committees, as appointed.
    You can also check our website to review the Constitution which also states the responsibilities of each office. Also feel free to contact any of the current officers to ask about the time commitment, duties, etc.
    The Executive Board meets once each year and the association covers travel expenses incurred during official AVTE functions. Please consider serving your association through participation on the Executive Board. If you are interesting in serving, please provide your bio (a picture would help too) and contact information to Dr. Scott Keller at skeller@jjc.edu describing why you would like to be on the Executive Board. This information will be posted on our website and circulated via the AVTE newsletter. Nominations will close on May 1, 2017
    AVTE is a wonderful Association, and I am very proud to have served it and our membership for 12 years. I hope you will consider becoming a future leader as we move forward as an Association.
    Regards, Scott Keller, Immediate Past President

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